Roofing membrane - how to choose?
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Roofing membrane - how to choose?

For the average consumer buying a waterproofing material for roof becomes a very difficult task. Modern roofing materials market offers a huge variety of products for hydroprotection. And they all have different characteristics. How to choose?

To roofing membranes must meet the following requirements:

  • resistance to sunlight;
  • integrity (the presence of an appropriate impregnation of the fabric);
  • resistance to mechanical loads.

These parameters directly affect the price of the product. However, there are other indicators that need to consider carefully when buying.

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When purchasing a roofing membrane, you need to pay attention to the rate of water vapor permeability. It is expressed in the ability of a material to absorb moisture during the day. This criterion is now considered to be the most relevant. According to the degree of water vapor permeability membrane into two types - high and low.

Another important criterion when buying a membrane - resistance of the material to rupture. This property depends on the structure of the product, from its strength.

When installing a roofing membrane, the probability of damage to the thin material, and in the process of operation can be influenced by mechanical loads, therefore, preference should be given to the most robust membranes.

One of the main indicators of membrane - degree of tightness. To the roofing system had served for decades, and the attic floor was habitable, a prerequisite is the establishment of reliable waterproofing in roofing "pie". This can be achieved through a waterproof membrane, which, despite the ability to pass molecules of moisture, not allowing the condensed water to penetrate into the lower layers of the roof.

The membranes gradually lose their properties, are aging. Therefore, their strength decreases, especially for inexpensive materials such assignment.

The higher the ability of the membrane to resist water pressure, the higher the guarantee that the material will be used for decades. Least quality membrane lose their waterproofing qualities, which leads to leaks and damage to the intensive wood, metal parts of the roof.

It is better to buy expensive and high-quality membrane, or the repair of roofing systems to eliminate leaks will require more money than was saved when buying cheap products.

Features of installation of membranes

If you strive to ensure that the installation of the membrane did not cause difficulties, you must purchase the materials from a reliable supplier.

During the construction of the roof membrane is easy to damage the sharp end of the nail or tools, sharp edge of the roofing material. Careful handling of tools when creating roofing of the "pie" is the basic requirement to work. However, due to the complexity of work accident is inevitable. Therefore, the stronger the membrane, the less the risk of formation of gap.

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Minor damage can be glued with construction tape to ensure the tightness and strength of the connection.

Keep in mind that the roof should be built once and forever, because she has to protect the house from rain for decades. Poorly assembled membrane or material, which has small gaps will significantly reduce the service life of the roof and cause wet insulation and rotting roof system.

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