The choice of roofing material for roof
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The choice of roofing material for roof

The roof is an integral and important element of the building, protecting the whole structure from adverse environmental influences. Roof - the top part of the housethat protects all the other structures of the house from rain and other atmospheric conditions. Thus, the choice of material, their quality and characteristics determine the durability of the whole structure of the house.

The main factors influencing the choice of roofing are: architectural solution and the maximum possible load on the roof material.

Modern industry provides a fairly wide range of roofing materials for private homes. Principal roofing materials for the roofs of private homes.

  • Asbestos cement sheets (slate)
  • Wave bitumen sheets
  • Shingles
  • Ceramic tile
  • Composite tiles
  • Metal
  • Profiled metal roofing (corrugated)
  • Metal seam roof (steel or copper)
  • Polymer-sand tile
  • Natural roof (straw, reed, turf, shingle)
  • Slate roofing
  • Cement-sand tile



Shingles (soft tile / shingles) is a small flat sheets of various shapes having one side shaped cut (usually in the form of a pattern). Consists of steklovolokna impregnated with bitumen with various polymeric additives. This composition provides sufficient strength to deformations of different nature, while the tile remains plastic.

Bitumen practically does not deteriorate with time, which ensures long life of the roof. The surface of the shingle is covered with mineral dust, which protects the material of tile from natural impacts and is used as a decorative composes of various colors.

Shingles does not require painting, does not fade over time, not deformed. Can be used on any roof with a slope over 12 degrees. Has good insulation.

"Soft" surface of shingles softens the sound impact of rain, thus placing the soft tile is almost in first place for sound-proof characteristics. Otlichitelnaya feature is the efficiency of the coating effect of the large size of the individual sheet which allows to cover the roof of complex shapes with minimum waste.

Ceramic roof tiles

Ceramic roof tiles

Ceramic tile is made from clay and fired at high temperatures, and then acquires a density and color-burnt bricks. Ceramic cherepitsa is the most durable roof covering with a century of life. It has a high fire resistance, protects from atmospheric influences, provides excellent zvukoizolyatsii.

High density and low porosity of the tiles indicate the good quality of products. This tile is not afraid of cold and will last for many years.

Ceramic tile is made in the form of separate elements, its form can be different: flat, wolnoobraznae (one or two wave), grooved.

Flat tiles are usually used on cone roofs, the required convergence of the elements on the perimeter.

Undulating tile provides secure fastening of the elements of the tile with each Durham (groove and ridge connection), which in turn provides a good moisture barrier.

Grooved ceramic tiles used on the roofs of complex design, and combines all the advantages of flat and undulating tiles.

Metal roof tiles

Metal roof tiles

Metal tiles profiled galvanized steel sheet with polymer coating, which is stamped at the special machines for obtaining a pattern simulating natural (ceramic) tile.

The polymer coating protects sheet metal from external influences, thereby providing corrosion protection. Simultaneously, the polymer coating acts as a decorative material giving the desired color of the roofing.

There are so many color choices offered by manufacturers. Metal varies in the form of simulated waves, the thickness of the steel, thickness and type of polymer coating. For example, there are tiles with glencove and a matte finish. The thickness of the coating may be different.

A good advantage of metal roofing is its relatively light weight, environmental friendliness, wide range of color and profile selection, good fire resistance and low cost.

The disadvantages include:

  • low noise (high level noise in the attic during a rain and wind);
  • low corrosion resistance in untreated places (cuts);
  • large amounts of residues on the complex roof.

However, all these negative factors can be eliminated through proper and quality installation.

What material to use for roofing?

The choice of roofing material for a roof of a private house is an individual decision. First of all you need to find a compromise between acceptable performance to select material, the cost of this material and the prices for installation work.

However, for any choice do not skimp on the quality of the material itself, since this depends not only the durability of the roof, but the structure as a whole. Save on quality material, it is possible to lose the removal of material is quickly worn due to the low quality and styling of the new.

Before buying the material, you need to carefully study the offers on the market, characteristics of the proposed roofing for the roof, try to find reviews about the manufacturer, to see firsthand the roof, which was covered with material of the company that you intend to purchase.

Quality roofing is the main security of your home for long years!

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