Obtaining permission for construction of individual houses
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Obtaining permission for construction of individual houses

Owned land, generally used for building a private house or a country house. In order to avoid problems after construction, and directly in the process, you need a permit for the construction of individual houses.

Why do I need a building permit?

The lack of this document is fraught with administrative fines, and not single, according to the administrative code. To connect to engineering networks will also require a building permit, and to get a loan. The resolution is now not necessary only for the erection of garage and other outbuildings.

Permission to build a private house how to get, KALK.PRO

Also do not forget that a simplified procedure for the registration of real property rights extended only until March 1, 2018 – "country Amnesty". Prior to this date for the state registration necessary only the documents establishing the rights on the property. With 01.03.2018 a document of title to the object of individual housing construction will be issued by the local administration of the permission to commissioning of object of individual housing construction, but to obtain it you need a building permit.

Which requires a building permit

The resolution sees a correspondence between the building project and the urban development plan of the site, considers the type and purpose of the land. So, if the area is developed the bowels, use of nuclear energy, as well as certain environmental conditions, not meeting standards, when the official approval for the construction of the house the property it will be known to future owners of a residential building.

Obtaining permits for individual housing construction is considered not required if the object does not apply to residential and capital construction (garage, kiosk, garden building).

Obtaining a building permit

Every owner of land shall be a cadastral passport for it. If it is noted that the site is functional as part of the settlement – the so-called "land settlement" under the Land Code (land intended for individual housing construction), the permit for construction will not cause great difficulties.

To obtain a ten-year permission for the construction of a private house, you need to take to the local administrative office the following documents:

  • rights to be building up the earth – e.g., SVID-in about registration of the land;
  • the development plan for this site issued by the district administration on request and shall be in the next 30 days.
  • passport of the construction or a power of attorney for the representative;
  • planning the layout of future buildings from the Builder;
  • The application for issuance (issued on the spot).

After the delivery of the documents permitting the construction on the property must be at least 10 days before you will be given a permit on hand.

It is necessary to add that such a waiver must be granted by the authority of the district office free of charge and the state fee. If you are refused a permit, with an official refusal to issue can challenge the situation in court.

Attention! The above list of required documents relevant in the case of planning no more than a three-storey structure for one family.

Transfer of the right to construction

It happens that the previous owner of the land had already requested such permission but did not develop the site or sell it with unfinished. You can use this permissive document, if since the issue hasn't been ten years. A construction permit is not given to a specific person, and as the characteristics of building opportunities section.

The permit may be terminated prematurely and cancelled, if the land is withdrawn by state for their needs, or the owner waives his rights and the right agreement is terminated.

To summarize the above

Now to do without a permit for construction of individual houses up to three stories high and for one family - is possible, but before March 1, 2018. However, you regularly and repeatedly can be fined for lack of approval of the document, even to litigation.

The object of IHC - individual housing construction requires a mandatory permission for its construction for trouble-free further connections to the communications, such as a gas. The subsequent reconstruction will also be impossible without such official paper.

As to the individual building all the same not difficult, suggest to execute the necessary documents in order to avoid further future complications.


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