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The most affordable option for self-building is considered a shed roof. Easy to construct design is used to cover outbuildings and small houses. However, it is difficult to expect a good result, if you do not understand all the nuances of its design and the device.

Those who refuse to shift construction of the worries on the shoulders of professionals, you should familiarize yourself with the basic rules of editing and selection criteria materials.

High quality, safe and visually appealing shed roof with his hands - a decent selection of real men.

The calculation of the shed roof using a calculator

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The complexity of choice - single or flat

Hardly anyone will opt for a flat roof in the construction of residential houses, but for the bath or garage consider this option acceptable. Meanwhile, the lack of bias leads to the accumulation of snow and excessive moisture. As the inevitable result is the rapid destruction of the structure and leakage.

For the construction of outbuildings optimal choice is the shed roof. The inclined surface provides a stack of rain water and thereby increases the service life of the roof.

Shed roof with various types of coatings are used for barns and outbuildings, garages and baths, gazebos and facilities for Pets. However, a very small tilt angle can remove the host from regular snow. However, a simple device shed roof and a minimum consumption of materials, it often compels to stop the choice on this option.

The pros and cons

Choosing the type of design, it is necessary to calculate the advantages and disadvantages of each. Undoubted advantages of shed roofs are:

  • the lack of complex calculations and ease of installation;
  • the speed of construction and operating repair;
  • the wear resistance of the construction elements;
  • light weight;
  • low cost.

There are some disadvantages, the importance of which everyone must evaluate yourself: lack of proper insulation and the inability of the arrangement of the attic, the need for manual snow removal and the reduction of reliability in strong winds in case of wrong choice of side slope.

Design features

Among the variety of possible choices, the design of the shed roof is considered the most basic. In some cases, the bias is achieved by the support of the roof-bearing walls of different heights. The simplest frame consists of truss system, sheathing, insulation and roofing.

Device shed roof -

Truss system can be of three types, depending on the material of the building:

  • naslonnye rafters for block and brick structures;
  • hanging - wooden and stone houses. The design is particularly complex;
  • sliding - timbered buildings with possible shrinkage.

Design shed roof -

If the planned angle of the shed roof is less than 30°, and the span length does not exceed 4.5 meters, used a very simple scheme - naslonnye rafters are based only on mauerlat load-bearing walls.

Popular method, used in the construction of farm buildings. If you increase the span must be added to the intermediate support. The rafters are made of timber or boards, the latter are suitable only for lightweight structures.

Angle - how to avoid mistakes

The biggest annoyance that can happen when operating a brand new roof - it collapsed. The main reasons are: the use of boards with the wrong section, too much distance between the rafters and inadmissible small inclination angle shed roof. The value of the latter depends on many factors - type of roof, operating conditions, design features of the building.

The main condition of how to build a shed roof all the rules, is a precise calculation of its inclination, taking into account climatic conditions.

Dry steppe climate, with low precipitation and windy weather, allow for an almost flat surface. In this case, the slope of the shed roof can be minimal, up to 5%. That is, if the length of the slope is 10 m, height of roof top is only half a meter. It is the measure of the angle determines the type of roof - if the value is 10° or less, it becomes flat.

Quite different is the case in cold regions. A long snowy winter makes the search for methods of struggle with the heavy ice on the roof.

Specialists recommend the inhabitants of Central Russia to use a minimum slope of 20°.

Should pay attention to strengthening of the truss system in the band with a cold climate, it is also recommended to use a slope angle of 45°, and even more. Only in this case, snow will be able to leave a pent roof on your own. If the roof slope is 30° or less, a hard crust is not able to move and be a whole lot of pressure on the structure.

The simplified calculation of the snow loads on the roof are well described in the article "Calculation of the rafter system".

The choice of material

The tilt angle is the most important element of a building also depends on roofing materials and can range from 10° to 60°. Professional designers prefer to narrow this range to 20-45 degrees. Let us consider the dependence of the angle of the roof from the most popular coverages and minimum allowable values:

  • tile and slate - 22°;
  • roofing material - 15° for two-layer and 5° for three layers;
  • corrugated sheet - 12°;
  • Onduline - 6°;
  • metal - 20°;
  • membrane coating - 3-5 degrees.

roofing materials for a shed roof type of crates

Estimates should be adjusted with the climate of a particular region.

When selecting a roofing material it is desirable to focus on the type of structure and its purpose. The most popular shed roof of corrugated Board. Innovative technology of the material ensures its excellent quality - strength, durability, affordable price.

Profiled sheet metal with zinc coating not exposed to corrosion and external aggressions. The polymer coating significantly increased its aesthetic appeal, and material can be purchased in any desired shade.

Having dealt with choice of roof and angle of roof, it is easier to determine the upcoming costs.

calculate shed roof rafter calculator kalk.proTo calculate the amount of materials on the 1-pitched roof in the online calculator shed roof on the website, link provided at the beginning of the article. Also offer online calculator rafter shed roof.

Final preparations

It remains to consider what type of shed roof is better to choose vented or not. Often used the first option on the sides of the roof make holes and the space between hydro - and thermal insulation layers ventilated. This greatly increases the durability of the structure. In some cases, for example, on the terraces, you can do without ventilation, but such a roof requires special care, especially in winter.

The height of the walls depends on personal preference, but the dependence between the lower and upper should match the valid values. Having defined the parameters of the first, the second height can be calculated by a simple formula:

NV = NN + × tg α.

Applied symbols:

HB – the height of the high wall;

NN – the height of the low wall;

In – the width of the structure;

α – the angle of inclination of the slope.

Please note - the lower wall should be located on the leeward side.

Now you know how to make a shed roof all the rules and will be able to apply the recommendations in practice. Performing some simple requirements, to cope with the erection of the shed roof is not so difficult.


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