The device mansard roof - truss system, installation with your own hands
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The device mansard roof - truss system, installation with your own hands

Mansard roof with his hands – a great opportunity not only to save on design and work, but also the opportunity to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home, as well as more efficient use of attic space.

This material will be considered design features, its types, and those advantages, which has a mansard roof. You will also learn how to make a mansard roof, what are the main stages is the process, and that should be considered when carrying out installation work.

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Calculator mansard roof is currently in development, soon it will be possible to carry out the calculations at the mansard roof line. While we offer free calculation of the gable roof, as well as online calculation of the hipped and catslide roofs.

Mansard roof – types and features

For starters, let's consider what is an attic. So, this is a residential area, located immediately under the roof. Its arrangement is much cheaper than the construction of a separate extension to the house or additional floors. There is no need to make significant design changes in the construction, which is also important. However, construction of the attic are not uncommon in newly constructed buildings it is used very often living rooms, libraries, bedrooms, offices, kids rooms and more.

Depending on the type of roof there are the following types of mansard roofs:

  • Single – plane angle is fixed on the load-bearing walls with different height. The most simple and not costly option.
  • Gable – characterized by the presence of two rays, with broad discrepancy.
  • Half - hipped and in the presence of four Stingray for a more rational use of available space.
  • Broken – the most popular and common option that provides the greatest inside space. Despite some difficulty of construction, such mansard roofs are becoming increasingly popular.
  • Roofs cone, dome and pyramid is important for buildings with complex configuration.

Key benefits:

  1. A significant expansion of available housing space.
  2. Improving the overall aesthetics of the house.
  3. Insulation of the attic and insulates the house in General.


  1. The additional costs of the arrangement.
  2. The inability to install standard Windows.
  3. The complex process of erection.

The device mansard roof

Design an attic roof includes the following elements:

  • The roof is the basis of all of the roof, protecting the building from atmospheric manifestations.
  • Sheathing – the boards that hold the roof and the insulator.
  • Ridge run is the outer side of the roof structure.
  • Rafters (naslonnye) – ribs that give the structure the required strength and reliability.
  • Internal supports – vertical beams to give added stability.
  • Mauerlat – the basis on which is mounted the entire truss system attic roof.
  • Diagonal bevels – beam connecting the vertical posts and longitudinal beams with rafters.
  • The insulator is a multilayer interlayer to support the required temperature. Includes noise, heat and paroizolyator.

The main stages of construction of mansard roof with his hands

As the erection of any other buildings, the device mansard roof starts with a preliminary design of the structure. To make it easier for you and more accurate calculation of the main components, and also drawing, you can use our online calculator.

In the process of calculations is determined by the angle of slopes, the overall weight of the roof, the step of laying sheathing and rafters, the total length of spans, and much more.

With regard to the expected loads, for their approximate calculation you can use the article "the Calculation of the rafter system".

It is important to remember that the scheme mansard roof provides a preliminary calculation of the ceiling height – it needs to be at least 2.5 m. the Line of fracture, to achieve this indicator should have a height of about 2.8 m – this includes the height of the finished floor, the size of the stacked insulation and the inner sheathing.

The arrangement of the sloping roof ensures maximizing available space with the required internal height around the perimeter. The angle of the bottom of the rafters in this case is 60 degrees. For the top possible arbitrary angle, but must take into account wind and snow loads in the region. Yes, and about the aesthetic aspect should not be forgotten.

If the frame mansard roof provides for direct roof slopes, this will substantially affect the width of the room in the direction of its reduction.

After the calculation is completed, comes the turn of selecting materials. For installation you will need the following:

  • Made of wood beams with a cross section of 50x100 mm and more;
  • Board 150х50 mm;
  • Timber Board;
  • Fasteners – screws, nails, etc.;
  • Steel corners, sliding fasteners;
  • Annealed wire, cross-section of 3-4 mm.


Installation mansard roof

Answering the question of how to build a mansard roof, it is important to remember that its arrangement provides for strict adherence to the basic production stages. All work should be carried out in such sequence:

  1. Installation of mauerlat – it is important to attend to the pre-arrangement of anchors, or studs, vmurovyvat in increments of 2 m at the base of the structure. For anchor drill holes, then put the bar and lock it by means of nuts;
  2. Installing ceiling beams – it is important to follow the correct sequence of actions. First mount beam end extreme of their horizontal alignment, then according to the existing level of spend stacking the intermediate beams (plane indicator, you can use the cord of nylon, level or same level);
  3. Continue installation mansard roof installation of support stands and their vertical alignment. For fixing use a special process, with the subsequent installation of horizontal runs. Number of columns must match the number of beams along parallel planes to equip the attic;
  4. The installation of the roof system in exact accordance with the pre-prepared template. Sloped legs and expose girders as per drawing and fixed on the vertical supports. The connection is carried out through boards or steel fixing plates;
  5. The lining of gable – entire roof surface is covered obreshetochnyh Board, while leaving free the window openings, vents, etc.;
  6. Roofing pie – without it, none of the roof attic. Paroizolyator placed on the bottom of the rafters and fix with staples. On top comes a layer of insulator, which, in steps of 0.5 m mounted crate. On top of the rafters spend laying gidroizolyator.
  7. The final stage – the installation of roofing. Its type depends on the wishes of the owner and the General aesthetic requirements of the building, as well as those climatic conditions that are characteristic of a particular region.

That's all. The answer to the question how to build a mansard roof with his hands, received. This process is not very easy, but with due patience, care and strict adherence to the above recommendations, nothing is impossible.

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