Calculation of concrete stairs – Online calculators with drawings

Calculation of concrete stairs – Online calculators with drawings

Free professional and convenient calculation of concrete stairs online on a 3D calculator: calculation of spiral and straight stairs made of concrete-drawings, estimates.

To start calculating a concrete staircase, select one of the suggested options:
Calculation of concrete stairs - online calculator

Stairs made of concrete are the most reliable, strong and durable structures among similar ones made of other materials and the most preferred option for stone buildings with a slab floor, since they allow you to eliminate any mounting connections and create a single monolithic system.

KALK service.PRO offers to use online calculators for calculating concrete stairs and get a ready-made turnkey construction project, in which you can find a list of materials required for manufacturing, a set of detailed drawings of all elements and a 3D spatial model of the structure. The report is automatically saved in your personal account and you can download it, save it to your bookmarks, send it to your email or social networks.

The program algorithm does not provide for compliance with building codes and regulations, but only performs mathematical operations on the user's entered values. However, based on the current provisions of the SNiP, GOST, TU, recommendations are provided (angle of inclination, height of steps, tread width...) for the manufacture of the most comfortable and ergonomic stairs, and in the case of entering invalid values, the calculation stops.

We have created high-quality automated calculators to facilitate the calculation of the amount of materials, since the calculation of a complex structure with your own hands is a very long and painstaking process. You can trust us – see the implemented projects of users on the page "Reviews".


How to calculate a concrete staircase?

If you want to correctly calculate a concrete staircase and get a safe, long-lasting structure, you need to perform the most accurate measurement of the opening, and then carefully re-check the values in the calculator fields. Any deviations can lead to the completion of individual node connections, which in turn will directly affect the stability of the structure. It is also important to familiarize yourself with the normative values in the building regulations – they set the permissible parameters of the load-bearing elements under certain operating conditions.

Also, before using calculators for calculating stairs made of concrete, we suggest reading a video in which a specialist demonstrates the interface and the main features of the designer. We do not recommend rewinding, as the wizard provides important professional advice throughout the recording.

If you still have questions about filling in the calculator fields, also read the articles-installing stairs and the optimal angle of the stairs. There you will find almost all the necessary information.


Why are our calculators better?


Cooperation with manufacturers
Close cooperation with ladder manufacturers
Detailed graphics
The highest detail of drawings and 3D models
Detailed report
Final report with a list of required materials
Cost estimate for manufacturing
Ready-made estimate for the construction of the structure by the contractor
Technical Support
Operational technical support service
Positive reviews
Positive feedback and a large number of completed projects



KALK.PRO is a developer of modern interactive construction calculators and cooperates with ladder manufacturers directly – all our tools meet professional requirements and are equally useful for both experienced craftsmen and novice craftsmen. Only here you can create the most realistic and detailed design of the structure.

When developing the algorithm for calculating stairs made of concrete, the data of SNiP 21-01-97 (SP 112.13330.2011) "Fire safety of buildings and structures", SNiP 31-02-2001 (SP 55.13330.2010) "Single-family residential houses", SNiP 2.08.01-89 "Residential buildings", SNiP 2.08.02-89 (SP 118.13330.2011) "Public buildings and structures", SNiP 2.01.07-85 (SP 20.13330.2010) "Loads and impacts", GOST 9818-2015 "Reinforced concrete stairs and platforms", GOST 8717.0-84 "Reinforced concrete and concrete steps", etc.

At the moment, we offer the calculation of the following types of stair structures made of concrete:

  • stairs are straight;
  • spiral stairs;

In the near future, the site will appear:

  • stairs with a platform;
  • stairs with run-up steps;
  • two-step stairs;
  • three-step ladders;

Maybe you would be interested in calculating a similar design made of other materials? Try our metal and wooden ladder calculators.



We want private construction to be accessible to everyone and the technical aspects are not a problem for most users, so to start using the online calculator for calculating concrete stairs with drawings does not require any special knowledge. Also, on the page of each calculator, you can find detailed step-by-step instructions with visual images.

Input data

  • Units of measurement. Mm, cm, m, inches, feet (automatic conversion).
  • The color of the drawing. Color or monochrome drawing of drawings.
  • Ladder option. Right-way, left-way.
  • The size of the stairs. Length, width of the march, height of the opening.
  • Steps. Quantity, thickness.
  • Risers. Install, do not install + thickness.
  • Kosoura. Height, width.
  • Fittings. Diameter, pitch.
  • The fence. Thickness, width, height of handrails, cross-section of balusters.
  • Floor slab. Ledge above the opening, thickness.
  • The wall. Thickness.

Calculation results

  • Load-bearing structure. The volume of concrete.
  • Fittings. Quantity, length, weight.
  • Steps. Quantity, length, width, height, volume.
  • Risers. Quantity, length, width, volume.
  • Railing. Length, volume.
  • Balusters. Quantity, volume.


  • The angle of inclination. Recommendations for the optimal angle of inclination of the stairs.
  • The height of the step. Recommendations for the optimal height of the steps.
  • The width of the stairs. Recommendations for the optimal width of the stairs.
  • Tread width. Recommendations for the optimal width (depth) of the tread.
  • The width of the carrier element. Recommendations for the optimal thickness of the scythe / bowstring.


Drawings of concrete stairs

In construction, drawings allow you to quickly and clearly determine the design of the product, the connecting nodes of the components, all dimensions and sizes. However, in a real situation, not everyone is able to accurately reproduce all the available calculations in the image, especially accurately. KALK service.The PRO automatically generates a set of drawings of a concrete staircase with an indication of the scale grid, based on the values entered in the calculator interface.


3D model

Modeling is the process of developing a three-dimensional scene based on existing drawings or calculations. In fact, a 3D model is a prototype of a future structure and is necessary to represent a non-existent object in real conditions, for example, it is useful in cases where it is necessary to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the structure, design and concept as a whole. On the KALK website.PRO you can create an interactive model of your concrete staircase in a few clicks – it's absolutely free and you only need to fill in the fields in the calculator.

If you have any questions when using the online concrete ladder calculator, please contact us using the comments form at the bottom of the page. You can also leave feedback, suggestions, and share your experience there.

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