Designing a Custom Staircases

Guaranteed working solution or we will return the money

KALK.PRO professionals will design
the most convenient stairсase
for the existing opening, taking into account
construction regulations and the range of materials.

Get the exact result!
What do You get? How it works?
Construction design

You will get a completed construction design (drawings, estimates, 3D-model) with which you can easily make a staircase with your own hands.

Staircase variants

We provide several staircase variants at once, if the opening allows it, so that you can choose the most attractive option.

Sizes of materials

The calculations will use the sizes of materials that you can buy in a baumarket - you will not have problems finding components.


Your design will be developed by a professional. The report includes concise, valuable recommendations.

Own software

When designing a staircases we use only those calculators that are presented on the site KALK.PRO (link). Hidden tools NO.

Fast result

Result within 24 hours, from the payment of the application.

How much is?
$ 91.43 per staircase/floor

* cost of designing multistory stairs, including one stairwell, is calculated by formula: $91.43 × number of floors

100% – if we can't place the construction in the stairwell
50% – if we can't find the optimal comfortable design

* refunds do not include transaction fees (PayPal - 0$, other payment systems - minus 10-15% of the payment amount)

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