Калькулятор кирпичей

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Позволяет посчитать количество кирпичей и сопутствующих материалов. Получите подробную смету по материалам и блокам

Калькулятор кирпичей — Construction calculators online

Калькулятор глубины заложения фундамента

Рас­чёт глу­бины за­ложе­ния фун­да­мен­та по СП 131.13330.2012

Калькулятор глубины заложения фундамента — Construction calculators online

Лестница двухмаршевая

Расчет и моделирование лестницы

С калькуляторами kalk.pro проще простого! Рассчитайте высоту ступеней и угол наклона деревянной двухмаршевой лестницы.

Лестница двухмаршевая — Construction calculators online

Адаптивный интерфейс

Расчет двускатной крыши

Используйте любое устройство для получения расчетов строительных калькуляторов и 3D моделирования.

Адаптивный интерфейс — Construction calculators online

Вальмовая крыша

Расчет вальмовой крыши

Все сложное станет простым! Калькулятор раcсчитает стропильную систему вальмовой крыши, расход материала.

Вальмовая крыша — Construction calculators online

Калькулятор стропил

Удобный калькулятор для расчета стропил двускатной крыши

Легко и точно рассчитает размеры стропильной доски.

Рассчитайте стропила двускатной крыши абсолютно бесплатно.

Калькулятор стропил — Construction calculators online

Free building material calculator for house construction

Why do you need our calculators?

SERVIS Kalk.Pro allows free and quick to obtain an accurate calculation of the construction or engineering designs, creates a 3D model according to the results of the calculator.

Saving your money — Construction calculators online

Saving your money

Save money with accurate calculation of volume, number and size of construction materials required for the erection of a structure.

Save your time — Construction calculators online

Save your time

Don't waste time on complex calculations manually, construction calculators will calculate everything for you. Simply enter the dimensions and click "Calculate"

Convenient on any device — Construction calculators online

Convenient on any device

Use construction calculators on any device with Internet access.

For kalk.pro - all for construction and home repair

If your plans for self-construction home, our site offers together to pass a thorny way of its design and construction.

Professionals daily confronted with the need of routine calculations, kalk.pro can greatly simplify the work.

The availability of the Internet makes life much easier, only the answers to problems are rarely contained in one place. Far more often exhausting "walk" through the sites again and again by loading the address bar. Especially when the questions relate to such a serious action as building your own home, and their number exceeds the limit - it is necessary to properly design the structure, choose and calculate building materials, think through design and to determine their bearing capacity.

The idea of the Kalk.Pro is to gather all the necessary information and tools: construction calculators, reference tables and so on, to realizing the dream of self-construction of private homes, as well as to automate many of the calculations for those who by occupation often faced with the necessity of building calculations.

Access to specialists is fraught with significant costs already at the initial stage, and meanwhile, to cope with the calculations by yourself it is possible . Each of our online calculator provides information on the size, cross sections and characteristics of structures designed to withstand certain loads in a long time.

Any construction calculator kalk.pro definitely free will provide important estimates of technical and economic nature:

  • the number of materials;
  • the main parameters of the structures;
  • bearing capacity and deflection;
  • financial expenses for the purchase of materials.

Calculator construction materials will save on their purchase, not allowing the purchase of excess and payment of the importation annoyingly missing.

Construction calculator online any variety is not the only advantage of an upcoming collaboration with kalk.pro. In the information section of our website you can find professional advice from experts, and learn a lot about the intricacies of construction.

Articles, illustrative pictures and drawings, video material in an accessible form tells about the basics of house construction, construction of stairs and optimal design of roofs, the advantages of the material. For an objective assessment of the information received, you can use the online calculator that will perfectly calculate benefits or demonstrate a possible error.

Feature of our project is the availability of 3d visualization . When planning a building, you can experiment online with the desired elements of the future of the building - staircases, roof, walls and choose the most appropriate and attractive option. Construction calculator will calculate the reliability of each element of the chosen design and determine criteria for its flawless functioning, will provide an opportunity to calculate materials for building a house or to adjust their number.

Choosing our site as an assistant, you get a unique opportunity to take advantage of ready-made drawings, traced in detail the programs of the calculation of the construction of the house as a whole and its individual elements.

Offer online calculators are essential, not only to the owners of the house erected. The owners of Internet-shops and corporate sites are a great opportunity to increase sales by installing a free widget with any calculator on its website. With it, a potential buyer can easily and quickly make a calculation of construction materials quantities need tiles or cladding, Letnitsa and more, size of a particular part design.

Useful construction calculator for professionals, erecting housing - routine calculations now will not have to produce manually.

The merits of the project and the benefits of working with kalk.pro is difficult to overestimate:

  • With its help it is possible a significant savings of time and money.
  • The comfort and ease of use of the various construction calculators eliminates the need to take in mathematical calculations.
  • But most importantly the dream to build your home yourself is much faster turns into reality.

The number of calculators the construction of the house and useful information are constantly replenished, so don't forget to bookmark friendly website and often look at his page to see the innovative developments.

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