Hydronic Underfloor Heating Calculator

Need to find the amount of materials for a hydronic floor? Use our calculator to estimate the amount of materials (pipes) to install in each room or for the total house.

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How to calculate underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is becoming an increasingly popular way to heat your home because it is the most efficient way to heat the entire environment from the bottom up, not just from the side, as with central heating.

This calculator will help to estimate the materials to create a hydronic heated floor based on the area of the room. The program allows you to calculate the length of the pipe, as well as related accessories, such as the amount of mortar on the screed, damping tape, reinforcing mesh and more.

Please note that it is recommended to keep the pitch in the range of 150-300 mm, for pipes with a diameter of 16, 18, 20 mm do not exceed the length of the contour for more than 100, 120, 125 m, respectively. In large rooms with a significant length of the contour, in order to keep the heat flow of the required power, it is necessary to increase the distance between the pipes and make additional circuits. To create turns there is a reserve factor of 1.1. If you need to calculate the length of the pipe per unit of area - specify in the fields "Width", "Length" one (1), and in "Pipe Length from Manifold to Room" null (0).

To get the result of the calculation click "Calculate". You might be interested in calculating electric underfloor heating.

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