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Do you want to create an interactive calculator to estimate the cost of business services?


KALK.PRO project offers calculators/constructors development services of any complexity for commercial and informational websites on a turnkey basis.

We will develop a modern adaptive tool that will automate business processes and expand the opportunities for interaction with users.

You can be sure in the high quality of finished projects — estimate calculators on our website, their features and functionality [1][2][3][4][5].

Our website is #110,124 in global Alexa Rank (23.06.2021), we have the most advanced construction calculations that you will not find on other projects.


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Website Calculator Development



Why do you need a website calculator?


  • Lead generation. Calculators allow you to effectively collect the contact data of interested users, you get applications from «warm» leads, who are at the stage of selection and are almost ready to make an order.


  • Conversion rate increase. Calculators help to move away from fixed solutions and provide the customer with more flexible conditions, while transparent pricing favors trust and further motivates a purchase.


  • Cost minimization. The tool helps reduce the load on specialists from the reduction of irrelevant requests and the flow of questions about prices, so it allows you to focus their resources on processing orders that are guaranteed to sell.


  • SEO-friendly. Interactive calculators improve behavioral factors: users increase the duration of the session, perform many actions on the page. This can have a positive impact on position of a website in a search engine.



Why us?


Новичкам в строительстве
Creating professional and productive projects — is our specialty. We have huge experience in developing similar projects: our team has made more than 120 calculators/estimators for KALK.PRO and more than 30 for third-party websites.


начинающим мастерам
We guarantee an individual approach to each project — we don't work with templates, but offer advanced technical capabilities to solve specific tasks. You can be sure that your calculator will be advantageously different from the competitor's tool.


начинающим мастерам
Independently think through to the smallest detail the logic of data processing calculator, according to the formed technical specifications, or use your ready method of calculation.



The partnership does not end with the development — we provide quality technical support for the project, help to integrate the tool into the website and modify the functionality on a turnkey basis.


We can also protect calculators source code against copying by using obfuscation (code encryption) and domain/IP binding mechanisms.



Calculators features


  • Add unlimited number of fields
  • Manage coefficients from the admin panel
  • Add images
  • Use graphs/diagrams
  • Show drawings to customers
  • Share of 3D models
  • Collect contact information
  • Accept payments
  • Receive email notifications
  • Add advertising to the interface
  • Use it as a widget on your other projects
  • Responsive web design
  • Code copy protection
  • Protection of personal data
  • CMS integration
  • CRM integration
  • Analytics integration
  • Account integration


Calculator code is universal and suitable for all websites without exception, both on popular CMS and custom platforms. Our tech stack is focused on PHP, JS, React, NodeJS.


Most popular CMS



How to build a calculator?


Бесплатно для подписчиков
Ordering. You can make a request for designing a website calculator using the feedback form at the bottom of the page or by e-mail: In the message add detailed terms of reference, wishes, examples of competitors and other important information (if you want to attach a file, use email).


Быстрый старт
Order confirmation. Within 24 hours (usually earlier) our manager will contact you to confirm the order, discuss details, find out what functionality you need, what data you need for the calculation and where they are taken from.


Invoice Approval and Payment. After agreeing on the technical task with detailed requirements for functionality and design, you will be issued an invoice, which must be paid within a specified period of time.


Project development. At this stage, we «pack» the logic of the calculator into the program code and create a working prototype of the tool. If necessary, we can provide access to the preview version, so you can estimate the project beforehand and make final corrections.


Актуальность баз
Testing. To find possible errors and confirm the correct functioning of all elements, we perform manual and software testing of the application.


Техническая поддержка
Finish. We safely transfer the source code of the calculator and, if necessary, help to integrate and activate it on the website.



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