KALK.PRO Plans & Pricing

Please note that you can view the results on all calculators for FREE, but additional options: advanced reports, downloading results (report + drawings + 3D), placing the logo on the drawings and other privileges — requires PAYMENT.

* prices may vary slightly due to differences in exchange rates



Pricing Plans


No plan


Access to the results✔️✔️✔️
Saving results in your personal account✔️✔️✔️
Store results for 180 days✔️✔️✔️
Technical support ✔️✔️
Access to hidden drawings ✔️✔️
Unlimited results saves (download) ✔️✔️
Tool «3D-ruler» (sizes) ✔️✔️
Custom logo on drawings  ✔️
 $0/month $14/month*
*billed monthly

*billed monthly

*billed annually

*billed annually



  • month the equivalent of 30 calendar days
  • subscriptions are not automatically renewed, after the period expires, debits from your personal account are EXCLUDED
  • personal results files are stored on the server for 6 months
  • if you choose to be billed annually, you can save 40% of your monthly subscription



Designing Stairs Pricing


Completed construction design (drawings, estimates, 3D-​model)✔️
Parts size based on the assortment in the building supply store✔️
Specialist recommendations✔️
BONUS. Several staircase variants✔️
*per staircase/floor



  • you can leave a request for the design of the stairs using a special form (the request will be processed only after the payment)
  • designing stairs is performed only with KALK.PRO tools (do not use any third-party services, programs and CAD-systems)
  • payment includes one staircase in one stairwell; cost of designing multistory stairs is calculated by formula: $91.43 × number of floors



Widgets Pricing

Available widgets

Shed roof (pent roof)✔️
Gable roof✔️
Hipped roof✔️
Pyramidal roof✔️
L-shaped staircase with landing✔️
L-shaped staircase with winder steps✔️
U-shaped staircase with landing✔️
U-shaped staircase with winder steps✔️
Straight staircase (closed stringers)✔️
Straight staircase (open stringers)✔️
Straight staircase (polyline)✔️
Spiral staircase✔️
*subject to the availability of a backlink to KALK.PRO site


  • read more about the functionality of widgets on the page
  • widget lease term 100 years





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