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Many entrepreneurs know that working on their own Internet project is a rather complicated and time-consuming task requiring large financial investments. Nevertheless, for successful business development you've got to stand out from the competition: for example, to offer something truly unique and useful, something that would make the user come back again and again. If you do not have enough resources for your own development, the most effective solution is to use construction calculator widgets.

Kalk.Pro offers free online widgets  (iframe) that allow you to motivate a potential buyer, increase behavioral factors and boost website traffic. You can get powerful online tools for calculating various elements of the structure (roofs, stairs, etc.). The program allows you to calculate structure dimensions, make detailed construction estimates of necessary materials for manufacturing, and also provides high-quality drawings and interactive 3D-models.


Kalk.Pro widgets are stand-alone modules that allow you to use the functionality of our calculators on your websites absolutely free. Installation does not require special skills and knowledge - everyone can cope with this task in 5 minutes.


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Why you should be using widgets:


Online tool of promotion - Kalk.Pro widget
Tool of promotion

Quality widgets are an effective tool for website promotion in the search engines. Traffic increases by improving the behavioral performance of visitors.

Website monetization
Website monetization

If you want to monetize a construction website, install our widgets. The availability of calculators will cause great interest among users and increase the number of returns, which means you can earn more money from advertising.

Partner Program
Affiliate marketing

By embedding our widgets on your website, you automatically become a partner of the Kalk.Pro Affiliate Program . When the user (who came through your affiliate link) pays for any subscription, then you will be credited with 30% commission of the payment amount.


On average, users spend at least 5 minutes on our calculators, the calculation time takes from 15 to 25 minutes. This is a great indicator for search engines.




It's important for your business


Money saving
Save your money

Development of professional online calculator is expensive. Kalk.Pro Widget is a solution for small and medium-sized businesses, now you can use professional tools absolutely free!

Time saving
Save time

Users can independently calculate the structural dimensions and provide a ready estimate. Your specialists won't waste time performing routine operations of calculating and rendering the order.

Visitor's confidence
Improve a  visitor's confidence

Using of high-quality tools on the website increases user confidence, stimulate sales, increase the number of orders from the site. Each calculation made by the widget can be a potential order.

Win the competition
Win the competition

Be better than your competitors, use all opportunities to stand out among the mass. Our tools are fully responsive and suitable for any device.


Our widgets are suitable for any websites, integrate with any CMS and work on all devices - computers, phones, tablets.




Why we are better than competitors:


SImple integration
SImple integration

You will spend no more than 5 minutes to install a widget of any calculator

Reliable script
Reliable script

The algorithms of our program accurately perform calculations, we try to minimize errors.

High-quality graphics
High-quality graphics

High detalization of structure elements. All dimensions are transmitted in real proportion in the drawings and 3D models.

Building standards
Building standards

In each calculation, whenever possible, we try to take into account building codes and rules so that the construction is as strong and reliable as possible.


In some tools, our algorithm suggests the most optimal dimensions of the structure. If recommendations are not followed, the values will be highlighted in red.

Download results
Download results

Visitors can save the calculation results in PDF and PNG, and the elements of the virtual scene - in OBJ,  results can also be bookmarked or sent by e-mail.


Please remember! Kalk.Pro calculators are online calculation tools and they do not protect the user from making an error. Everyone should independently verify the resulting values for compliance with local building codes.


How to install on your website. Guide


Step 1. Log in, go to your personal account to the "Widgets" tab. Fill in the name of the widget, domain names without a protocol (http, https), the counter number of Yandex.Metrika (optional) and click on the "Create calculator" button.

Step 1. Click on "Add new widget"


Step 2.  Verify the information and click the "Customize Appearance" button.

Step 2 - Customize Appearance


Step 3. Select one or several calculators from the list (in one group), see how they will look like and click the “Save” button. After that, return to the settings using the appropriate button.

Step 3. - Choose calculators


Step 4. Use the generated code to install the widget on your website. Attention! Modification of the code can lead to unpredictable consequences.

Step 4 - Copy and install widget code


Step 5. Check "Activation for 100 years" and click on the "Activate" button.

Step 5. Activate your widget


Step 6. Confirm the order. At the moment, widgets are distributed free of charge, so the price is 0 (zero) USD.

Step 6. Confirm an activation


Step 7.  You will be informed about the success of the operation.

Step 7. Successful confirmation


Step 8.  At the end you will be redirected to a window that confirms the successful activation of the widget.

Step 8. Widget activated


Step 9. Now you can return to the page with a list of widgets in order to create a new one, edit or delete an existing one.

Step 9. Widget customization


Development of professional online calculator is too expensive. Use our effective free widgets, combine several calculators on one page, attract users more efficiently!


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