Installing widgets on the website

What will You get by installing the widget construction calculator


The benefits to You and Your visitors
Responsive design widget

Widgets are suitable for any site working on all devices - computers, phones, tablets. Have flexible settings.

To gain popularity
Traffic growth and the position of the site

Interactive widgets will keep visitors on the website and attract new ones, increase search engine traffic due to improved visitor behavior.

Easy to set up and install
Increase conversions

With Forms of deductions and Suggestions, widgets will engage visitors in the "sales funnel". Will create and send orders from your visitors to Your e-mail.

A unique and handy tool
The growth of Your income

Stimulate sales, increase the number of orders from the site. Each calculation is made of the widget is a potential order.




It will look like the calculator widget on Your website


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Installation of the widget on Your website in 4 steps

What do you need?


The benefits to You and Your visitors
Step 1

Login at the website
At the very top of the page, find the icon with a picture of a padlock with the caption "Login", click on it, choose the authentication method: register on the website or log in with an account in a social network.

To gain popularity
Step 2

Go to my account
After successful login click on the icon of an open padlock, which will appear in place of closed from the previous step, and will contain a signature with Your username that you specified when registering on the website.

Easy to set up and install
Step 3

Configure the widget
In the personal Cabinet, go to the tab "My widgets", click on the "Add widget". In the newly created widget, customize the display options of the widget and a set of calculators that are available when you launch the widget.

A unique and handy tool
Step 4

Copy the widget code in Your website
After configuring the widget settings, click "Save" and copy the contents of block "Code for installation on site" on Your website using the HTML editor. Place the code in that part of the page, where it is expected to see the widget.





We recommend


1. Try to set the widget one calculator to a specific page of Your website. Inidzhet will complement the content and generate the application. Such specifics will make You more likely to get a request from the interested visitor than in the case of installation on a particular page from the entire set of calculators, dissipating the attention of the visitor.

2. When you create the widget in the set of calculators that are available through the widget, you should add only calculators, suitable in meaning to the page content. For example, if a page on Your website describes calculations of the wooden stairs, the widget should only be enabled calculators wooden stairs. This will allow the visitor to have additional functionality for payments on Your website, in this set of calculations is consistent with his expectation. Thus, You will be able to keep visitors on each page in accordance with their interests.

3. The button widget must be placed on a website page so that she was within sight of the visitor.

4. If the button widget is used as a hyperlink, then it should be placed in the text page directly next to the offer about how to calculate the visitor can use. Ie, the hyperlink must be as natural as possible.

5. When you install the widget "as the content of the page", the widget code should be placed in the unit, which, together with the content on the page will occupy the maximum width allowed by the template of Your website. This will allow you to display the widget in a more convenient format.




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