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Ventilation Calculator

Ventilation calculator will help you estimate the required performance of the ventilation system on the inflow / outflow for quality air exchange in the room.

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How much ventilation does a house need?

There is no denying that fresh clean air has not only a direct beneficial effect on human life, but also contributes to the comfort level of the environment, influencing the creation of a positive microclimate. To make sure that the air recirculation works correctly, i.e. that the ventilation system can remove/retrieve the right amount of air, it is necessary to make calculations.

With this tool, you can quickly and easily estimate your ventilation needs. The calculator can calculate the required air exchange by area, number of people or air exchange rate. Our tool, the only one of its kind, provides this wide range of options for estimating ventilation. Select the most suitable calculation method, fill in the fields and check if your room meets the requirements.

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