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Paver calculator will help you to determine the amount of materials you need to create a walkway of any length and width according to the known dimensions of the stone. Try it easy!

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Why use this calculator?

A walkway is an important element in the landscaping of your home area. When performing the related work, it is necessary to accurately calculate the amount of stone to avoid additional trips to the store or unnecessary costs for too much reserve.

This tool helps to estimate the amount of paving stone/tile and sand for backfill on a given square footage. The program also calculates the cost of materials. Using this application, you will no longer have the question: how many pavers do I need.

How does it work?

1. Enter the length and width of the area.
2. Enter the length and width of the stone.
3. Enter the thickness of the backfill.
4. Select the thickness of the joint between the stones.
5. State the cost of stone per square meter/ft.
6. Click the "Calculate" button.

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