Gable roof calculator — truss design: pitch, rafters, battens, area (3D, drawings and layout plans)

Gable roof calculator — truss design: pitch, rafters, battens, area (3D, drawings and layout plans)

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Calculation resultsRoof
  • Roof angle (pitch): 43.44 °
  • Length from ridge to eave: 468.25 mm
  • Total roof width with rake overhangs: 900 mm
  • Roof area (square): 84.284 m2
  • Rafter cut angle: 46.56 °
  • Rafter plumb cut depth: 14.2 mm
  • Total rafter lumber length: 482.45 mm
  • Rafter depth: 15 mm
  • Rafter thickness: 5 mm
  • Total rafter length with overhang: 468.25 mm
  • Rafter length from ridge to H.A.P (height above birdsmouth): 413.16 mm
  • Length from ridge plumb cut to seat cut (underside): 406.27 mm
  • Tail or eave length (tail cut - birdsmouth heel cut): 55.09 mm
  • Seat cut (level): 5 mm
  • Plumb cut (heel cut): 4.73 mm
Wall plate (inferior purlin)
  • Width: 15 mm
  • Height: 15 mm
  • Length: 900 mm
Roofing underlayment
  • Total length: 10000 mm
  • Number of strips: 11 pcs.
Rafter spacing
  • S1: 40 mm
  • S2: 30 mm
  • S3: 60 mm
  • S4: 60 mm
  • S5: 60 mm
  • S6: 60 mm
  • S7: 60 mm
  • S8: 60 mm
  • S9: 60 mm
  • S10: 60 mm
  • S11: 60 mm
  • S12: 60 mm
  • S13: 60 mm
  • S14: 15 mm
  • S15: 30 mm
  • S16: 40 mm
Batten spacing
  • L1: 50 mm
  • L2: 50 mm
  • L3: 50 mm
  • L4: 50 mm
  • L5: 50 mm
  • L6: 50 mm
  • L7: 50 mm
  • L8: 28.25 mm
Materials for constructionRoof covering materials (sheets or pieces)
  • Width: 125 mm
  • Length: 250 mm
  • Sheets or pieces: 32 pcs.
  • Area: 100 m2
  • Rafter depth: 15 mm
  • Length: 482.45 mm
  • Rafter thickness: 5 mm
  • Number: 34 pcs.
  • Wood volume: 1.23 m3
Counter-batten (lath)
  • Width: 5 mm
  • Length: 468.25 mm
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Number: 34 pcs.
  • Wood volume: 0.239 m3
Roofing battens (lath)
  • Width: 10 mm
  • Length: 900 mm
  • Thickness: 2.5 mm
  • Number: 18 pcs.
  • Wood volume: 0.405 m3
Wall plate (inferior purlin)
  • Width: 15 mm
  • Length: 900 mm
  • Height: 15 mm
  • Number: 2 pcs.
  • Wood volume: 0.405 m3
Roofing underlayment
  • Width: 100 mm
  • Length: 1000 mm
  • Rolls: 10 pcs.
  • Area: 100 m2
Roof insulation materials
  • Thickness: 15 mm
  • Volume: 8.366 m3
Initial parametersDisplay
  • Units of length: cm mm
  • Technical drawings color: paint mm
Type of roofing material
  • Hard (e.g. shingles or metal roofing):  selected
  • Roof height: 300 mm
  • Eave overhang (soffit): 40 mm
  • Rake overhang: 50 mm
  • Install fly rafters (barge):  selected
  • Install rafters close to the wall (parallel):  selected
  • House width: 600 mm
  • House length: 800 mm
  • Wall thickness: 30 mm
  • Wall height: 400 mm
Wall plate (inferior purlin)
  • Width: 15 mm
  • Height: 15 mm
  • Birdsmouth seat cut: 5 mm
  • Rafter depth: 15 mm
  • Rafter thickness: 5 mm
  • Rafters spacing: 60 mm
Roofing underlayment
  • Width: 100 mm
  • Length: 1000 mm
  • Headlap: 15 mm
  • Sidelap: 15 mm
Counter-batten (lath)
  • Thickness: 3 mm
Roofing battens (lath)
  • Width: 10 mm
  • Thickness: 2.5 mm
  • Battens spacing: 50 mm
Sheating OSB board
  • Width: 125 mm
  • Length: 250 mm
  • Thickness: 1.4 mm
Roof covering materials (sheets or pieces)
  • Width: 125 mm
  • Length: 250 mm
  • Headlap (overlap from above): 15 mm
  • Sidelap: 10 mm
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Feedback about the calculator
Help provide dimensional calculatios only, it doesn't perform any structural calculations (load-bearing)You are responsible for ensuring that your roof meets all local building codes and laws (international) and that your structural design is ok (your roof construction is capable of resisting all applied loads).

How calculate a gable roof, roof elements dimensions and materials?

Our online gable roof calculator will calculate a roof truss system:

  • length of gable roof rafters
  • number of rafters
  • sheathing
  • roofing materials (shingles, roofing membrane, metal tiles, slate)

To get all data from gable roof calculator you need to measure and enter in the appropriate fields following sizes:


The section (thickness x width) and the pitch of the rafters depends on the angle of the roof, its type, length stropilnoj feet, maximum short-time withstand major loads, and the type and weight of roofing, and even to some extent the width of the insulation. If you don't know where to get standard parameters of the rafters and sheathing, will help our article " Optimal cross-section, a step of sheathing and rafters depending on the roof type ".

The calculator performs the calculation of the materials to the roof, starting from the entered size of roofing sheet and calculated values of the roof area. Quantity of roofing materials for the roof, boards and lumber for roof system, we recommend to buy with a small margin, it is always better to take the remains to the hardware store than to pay a bunch of money for shipping is not grabbing a pair of boards.

Be careful! The more accurate data you insert, the more reliable results you get with online calculator .

Simplify your calculations and save time, the program will draw a plan of rafters a gable roof and displays the results of the calculation of the gable roof for the entered data in the form of a drawing of a gable roof at different angles, and its interactive 3d model.

On the tab " 3 D – View ", you can better see your future gable roof into a volumetric representation. In our opinion, visualization in construction – really need the ability.

Tab " Save " will help you not to lose designed you design the roof. Send the calculation of the roof a gable roof in the mail, save in one of the selected formats, or bookmark.

If you have a project gable roof with different slopes, you need to calculate using the calculator twice, once for each slope separately.


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