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Every architect and professional construction company have a program to calculate a roof.

However, this program will be helpful for land owners, who decided to build their houses themselves and who need the roof calculator. Moreover, steadiness of the roof structure, its appearance and facade depend on accuracy of calculating.

Each roof calculator online tool at our website gives user an opportunity to calculate accurately the amount of materials required for construction of selected roof type, as well as to verify the correctness of calculated rafter roof system and other construction elements.

At the moment it's possible to calculate pent roof, gable roof, mansard roof and hip roof, as well as rafters and wood trusses. The calculation of pavilion roof construction will be possible shortly.

Major differences between our roof calculators and programs and other analogues

There is no need to download construction calculators to your computer – that is the main difference from many similar paid programs.

All necessary calculations are performed by using a carefully calibrated, complicated calculation algorithms. The results are presented in a comprehensible form (technical drawing and table with the main calculated dimensionsof the chosen roof type).

The technical drawing of the roof will save a lot of time for creating a similar project of your own.

3D visualization of structural elements of the roof and rafter system, implemented in the calculator, is necessary for visual representation of the future structure. It goes without saying, that 3D visualization of the future structure is extremely important and helpful in the construction.

There’s one more indisputable advantage – you can add website page with roof calculator of necessary type to your bookmarks in any browser and use it as you need. You can download the result of calculation in any possible format or print it.

Roof calculator online tool is performed on the basis of building standards, Building code and GOSTs adopted in Russia and worldwide, according to international practices of modern construction.

Just enter the dimensions and get an accurate calculations of the roof

User is not required to have any knowledge in construction or to think about how to calculate the roof for better cost avoidance.

You just need to enter properly the basic measured parameters (width and length of the roof, height or desired angle of the roof) and to select type of roof material and type of roof.

All calculations, such as calculating the area of roof, the length of rafters or the number of purlins - all this information will be presented just in few seconds.

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