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Fence calculator will help you find the amount of materials you need to build a picket/corrugated metal fence of the required length, as well as estimate the total cost of the project. Try it easily!

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Why do I need this calculator?

If you want your private property to be protected from unwanted guests, and your home and family can be safe, it is important to install a secure fence around the perimeter of the site. It is easy enough to install it with your own hands, but it is important to correctly estimate the amount of materials.

The fence calculator will help you determine the amount of materials and their cost. Please note that the height of the posts should be entered taking into account the gap between the bottom edge of the fence and the ground surface, as well as the depth of the foundation (i.e. height of the posts = height of the fence + gap + depth of foundation). The number of supporting beams is taken equal to two per section. To calculate the cost of the fence - enter the prices for the relevant accessories.

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