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Calculate how much sealant you need for caulking? Our tool will help you find consumption of acrylic, silicone and polyurethane sealant for your project. 

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How much sealant do I need for project?

Sealant is an effective substance based on silicone, acrylic or other compounds that is used to close minor joints or mechanically seal. Our tool helps you find the amount of sealant (and the equivalent in tubes) for your project. Recall that the recommended seam width for sealants - 6 mm (0.23 in), the maximum-optimal - 12 mm (0.46 in), the ratio of seam width to depth to 12 mm (0.46 in)- 1 to 1, over 12 mm (>0.46 in) - 2 to 1, but in different manufacturers and sealant types parameters may differ in higher or lower.


Sealant consumption by joint width and depth, per 1 m 

 Joint Width, mm →
Joint Depth, mm ↓245681012152024


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