Linoleum Flooring Calculator

Calculate how much linoleum you need to create your floor? Our tool will help you find all required materials (planks, packages), their weight and cost for your project. 

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Why use this calculator?

At the planning stage of any finishing work, it is important to correctly calculate the amount of materials needed, because it avoids problems with deficits and unnecessary trips to the store, and also allows you to save money if you usually buy with a large reserve.

This tool helps you estimate as accurately as possible the number of linoleum rolls, their weight, and the cost needed to cover the required square footage of the surface. Using this app, you will no longer have the question: how much linoleum do I need for a room.

How does it work?

  1. Fill in the fields: Room Length, Room Width.
  2. Specify the length and width of the roll, as well as the cost per m2/ft2.
  3. Select the type of linoleum by resistance class (or by application).
  4. Click the "Calculate" button.


Linoleum resistance classes table

TypeResistance classStress levelExample of application
Household  21low stressessleeping rooms
22medium stresses

living rooms, children's rooms

23heavy stresses

hallways, kitchens

Semi-commercial   31low stresses

separate offices

32medium stressesoffice space, libraries, conference rooms
33heavy stresseslecture rooms, classrooms, laboratories
34extreme stressescafes, restaurants, stores
Commercial  41low stresseslight manufacturing
42medium stressesrepair and assembly manufacturing
43heavy stresseswarehouses, intensive manufacturing
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