Pipeline Heat Loss Calculator

Use our calculator to estimate the total heat loss of a cylindrical pipeline according to given insulation and temperature parameters.

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Why do I need pipe heat loss calculator?

Heat loss of the pipeline – total loss of heat energy that occurs during the movement of the coolant from the source to the end user.

When creating a hot water and heating system, it is important to know what heat loss the pipeline will have in order to choose the optimal insulation to prevent the pipes from overfreezing/overcooling in the cold period of the year.

With our calculator you can estimate the heat loss of the pipeline along the length, taking into account the insulation and the temperature outside. If you want to know the heat loss in the pipe without taking into account the insulation, specify the thickness equal to null (0). The default safety factor is 1.3 (do not change this value unless necessary).

The theoretical justification of the algorithm and calculation formulas are presented below.


How to calculate the pipeline heat loss?

Pipeline heat loss formula: Q = (2π × λ × L × (Tin - Tout) / ln(D / d) × k

  • π – const (~ 3,14);
  • λ – insulation thermal conductivity coefficient, W/m°С;
  • L – pipe length, m;
  • Tin – temperature inside the pipe, °С;
  • Tout – temperature out, °С;
  • D – outer pipe diameter with insulation, m;
  • d – inner pipe diameter, m;
  • k – power reserve (1,3).
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