Semicircular Greenhouse Calculator

Semicircular (arched) greenhouse calculator helps to estimate the amount of materials to create a greenhouse and determines heating power in the cold period.

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How to calculate a semicircular greenhouse?

Semicircular (arched) greenhouse – a type of greenhouse, the construction of which is made of semicircular power elements (arcs) and the outer cover of polycarbonate, glass or film. This design stands out from the rest with its high aerodynamic resistance and resistance to snow in winter.

Our calculator allows you to estimate the amount of materials needed to build a greenhouse, as well as to calculate the capacity of heating in the cold period of the year. Use the following instructions to get the correct result:

  1. Enter the width (X) of the greenhouse from the front;
  2. Enter the length (Y) of the greenhouse on the sides;
  3. Enter the height (Z) of the greenhouse at the top point;
  4. Enter the number of facade sections (A);
  5. Enter the number of sections (B1) horizontally along (Y);
  6. Specify the number of sections (B2) vertically along (Z).
Arched greenhouse drawing
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