Electric Underfloor Heating Calculator

Выполните расчет электрического теплого пола по площади помещения с помощью калькулятора – узнайте как рассчитать мощность пола и длину кабеля.

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Why use this tool?

Underfloor heating is gaining more and more confidence in the heating market every year. In apartment buildings and private homes made of impervious materials, the safer electric heated floors is most commonly used. They eliminate the possibility of flooding of the lower floors and do not create a large load on the intermediate floor.

The electric heated floor tool allows you to estimate W/BTU and determine the total cable length at a given installation pitch over the area of the room. The implication is that if heating is used as an afterthought, the power can be reduced by 30%. The optimal cable laying pitch is 100 mm, the minimum - 75 mm, the maximum - 125 mm. To get the result, click "Calculate".

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