Rectangular Greenhouse Calculator

Rectangular greenhouse calculator helps to estimate the amount of materials to create a greenhouse and determines heating power in the cold period.

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Why use our calculator?

You may agree with us that a beginner in the construction of a rectangular greenhouse can be difficult to determine the number of components without special literature, and long painstaking calculations by hand are too time-consuming.

Our tool saves precious time and gets rid of this. It helps to determine the amount of facade materials on each side and the total length of the frame of a rectangular greenhouse. We can also estimate the capacity of the heating equipment.

How do I estimate the materials I need?

  1. Enter the width (X) and length (Y) of the greenhouse.
  2. Enter the height of the greenhouse at the ridge point (Z) and at wall level (H).
  3. Specify the estimated number of frontal sections (A).
  4. Specify the number of side sections horizontally (B1) and vertically (B2).
  5. Specify the number of roof sections along the horizontal (C1) and along the vertical (C2).
Rectangular greenhouse drawing
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