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Calculate how much tile adhesive you need to create your tile flooring? Our tool will help you find all the materials you need for your project. 

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How much tile adhesive do I need?

Tile adhesive is a special construction mixture consisting of a cement-binder filler and modifying additives that significantly improve the performance of the adhesive. To repair without having to go several times to the store when there is a shortage of bags, or vice versa not to overpay for too large a reserve, we suggest using our tool.

Tile glue calculator allows you to find out how much glue I need to install tiles. The tool calculates the volume of mixture by area and thickness of the layer. Please note that the recommended thickness of glue is 4-10 mm (0.15-0.4 in). To get the result of the calculation, fill in the program fields and click the "Calculate" button.

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