Heating System Volume Calculator

Heating System Volume Calculator

Need to find the volume of liquid in your heating system? Use our calculator to estimate the volume for closed hot water heating systems from boiler, radiator, pipes, etc.

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Boiler Volume*, L
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Pipe Length*, m
Pipe Inner Diameter*, mm


Radiator Volume*, L
Number of Radiators, pcs



Other Volume*, L





Why use the Heating System Volume calculator?

When planning a heating system it is important to know how much coolant volume will circulate inside. The coolant volume directly affects the boiler power, pump performance and expansion tank size. Heat volume calculator allows you to estimate the cubic fluid in all heating elements - boiler, expansion tank, radiators, pipes, heated floor. To get the result - press the "Calculate" button.


Fluid volume in the radiators

MaterialHub distance, mmSection volume, L
Cast iron3001.10
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