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Air Conditioner Calculator

Air Conditioner Calculator

KALK.PRO's air conditioner calculator will help you estimate AC power by room size (area, volume) for the required cooling capacity.

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How many BTUs of Air Conditioner do I need?

Use our tool to estimate how many BTUs of air conditioner I need for quality air exchange and cooling by room area or cubic volume. For more accurate results, the calculator interface can select corrections for room type, light levels, existing ventilation, also takes into account the number of people in the room and appliances. For the resulting calculation, it is recommended to use a power reserve for emergency situations. The theoretical basis of the calculation is presented below.


How to get the result?

  1. Enter the length, width, and height of the room.
  2. Select the type of room (optional).
  3. Select the lighting level (optional).
  4. Choose whether or not to include natural ventilation (optional).
  5. Specify the constant number of people in the room (optional).
  6. Specify the number of powerful household appliances (optional).
  7. Add/remove additional surfaces (optional).
  8. Select a power reserve.
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