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Pool calculator will help you find the amount of materials you need to build a pool of the specified size, as well as estimate the total cost of the project. Try it easily!

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Why do I need this calculator?

Owning a swimming pool on the territory of a suburban cottage is not a luxury of luxury real estate, but quite an affordable pleasure for everyone. If finances are not so great, you can build a pool with your own hands, but this will require an estimate of the amount of materials.

Our tool will help you learn the cost of pool ellipsoidal (round, oval) or rectangular shape, prompt the number of materials (concrete, tiles), and will calculate the earthworks.


How to calculate the cost of the pool?

  1. Select the shape of the pool (ellipse, rectangle).
  2. Enter the expected length, width and depth of the pool.
  3. Specify the thickness of the concrete wall and bottom.
  4. Enter the size of tiles to finish the walls and bottom.
  5. Enter the water level for volume calculations.
  6. Define the cost of excavation, concrete, and tile to estimate the total cost of the pool.


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