Wall Area Calculator

Wall Area Calculator

Use KALK.PRO's wall area calculator to find the square footage of any quadrilateral house wall/walls shape. Wall area calculator is simple and free!

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How to calculate wall area?

Wall is a vertical structural element of a building that separates rooms from the surrounding space or delimits them from each other, providing functional zoning.

The wall area calculator from KALK.PRO will help you to quickly estimate the total area of walls in a room according to the size of the vertical surfaces, taking into account openings for doors and windows. The tool can only be used for rooms with four walls, if you have a non-standard room, scroll just below.

To begin calculating the area, enter the parameters:

  • walls (length, width)
  • windows (length, width)
  • doors (length, width)

* windows and doors if available. If they are not present, select ZERO (0) from the drop-down list.


Wall area calculation formulas

Our online calculator calculates wall area in a standard layout using the classic mathematical formulas for determining the area of simple shapes:

  • Swall = (a × b)1 + .. + (a × b)4 - ((a × b)window × n) - ((a × b)door × n), where a, b – sides, n – quantity.

If in your case, the walls have a non-standard shape - a triangle, a trapezoid or an irregular quadrangle (for example, in the attic room), we recommend using the appropriate formulas for calculating the area of walls yourself and perform the operation manually. In more complex situations, it is necessary to break down the surfaces into separate shapes and add up the resulting values:

  • Triangular wall area formula: S = (a × h) / 2, where а – base, h – height.
  • Square wall area formula: S = a2, where а – side.
  • Rectangular wall area formula: S = a × b, where а, b – sides.
  • Trapezoid wall area formula: S = ((a + b) × h) / 2, where a, b – base, h – height.
Wall area for a non-standard shaped room
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