Boiler Size Calculator

Need to find what size boiler I need? Use our calculator to estimate the size of the boiler for the proper functioning of the heating and hot water system. 

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Why do I need a boiler size calculator?

Boilers are used to create hot water and heating systems in private houses or apartment buildings without central water supply. When choosing, it is important to pay attention to the size of the boiler, because if there is not enough power - it will be cold, and if it is more than necessary - you will overpay for electricity/gas/coal.

This calculator helps you find the optimal boiler size to heat your home by area or heat loss. In the first case, the most important indicator is the rate of heating per cubic meter. In the second case, you should use the heat loss calculator in advance, get a value and enter here the power reserve (it is recommended to specify 10-15%, if you specify 0, then the size of the boiler = heat loss).

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