Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Calculator

Dome greenhouse calculator helps to estimate the amount of materials to create a greenhouse and determines heating power in the cold period.

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Why use this calculator?

A greenhouse set up in the yard allows you to grow your favorite flowers, healthy vegetables and delicious fruits throughout the year, including the cold winter period. Geodome-type greenhouses are the most effective construction of all, as it allows you to absorb a lot of light at different angles and has a large margin of safety due to the aerodynamic shape.

This online calculator allows you to estimate the amount of materials and dimensions of a dome greenhouse, as well as to know the heating power of the required area. It is recommended to take the height of the dome equal to half or a quarter of the diameter in order to maintain the stability of the construction. Calculation of the volume and area is approximately based on the formulas for calculating the sphere. The designations of the initial parameters can be seen just below. 


How does it work?

  1. Enter the diameter of the base of the greenhouse
  2. Select frequency of the elements on the surface.
  3. Select the ratio of the height of the greenhouse to its base.
  4. Click the "Calculate" button.

Dome greenhouse base

Dome frequency

  • diameter (D) – diameter of the circumscribed circle around the polygon of the greenhouse base;

  • frequency (V) – frequency of elements arrangement on the surface of the dome greenhouse;

  • dome height – the height of the greenhouse in relation to the diameter of the base.

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