Putty Calculator

Putty Calculator

Calculate how much putty you need to level your walls? Our tool will help you find all the required materials (amount, weight) and cost for your project. 

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How can our calculator help?

Putty is a paste or powder mixture that is used for the final leveling of walls before applying decorative finishing elements (paint, wallpaper...). To buy enough materials the first time and avoid unnecessary costs, it is important to perform accurate calculations.

This tool allows you to estimate the total amount of putty for finishing walls according to the specified thickness of the layer and surface area. The calculator can also determine the number of bags and their total cost, by filling in the appropriate fields. Recall that for starter mixes it is recommended to use a layer thickness of 3-5 mm (0.12-0.20 in), for the finish - 0.5-2 mm (0.02-0.08 in).


How much putty do I need?

  1. Enter square footage of the wall surface.
  2. Enter the thickness of the putty layer.
  3. Specify the consumption of the mixture by area.
  4. Specify the package size.
  5. Enter the cost of the package.
  6. Click the "Calculate" button.
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