A gambrel roof: the features and the unit truss system with their hands
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A gambrel roof: the features and the unit truss system with their hands

Today gambrel roof enjoys an incredibly high demand and popularity, especially in the construction of country houses and cottages.

Possessing excellent in terms of aesthetics, the design is characterized by its high reliability, while having a rather difficult device of a gambrel roof for self-construction.

It is worth noting that a gambrel roof with their hands – not as complex a process as initially it may seem important to have some knowledge, to be attentive, consistent and do not show excessive haste.

About the features of these roofs, its advantages and main aspects of installation and will be discussed in this material.

Gambrel roof - types, especially

For the hipped roof is characterized by four rays, having a number of design features that distinguishes this design from other kinds of roofing.

Rays, have on the sides of buildings, called the hips, and they have a triangular shape. Their installation is usually carried out from the ridge and to the eaves of the roof. The rays, located on the long sides of the building have the shape of a trapezoid.

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The roof where the ramp ends before the start of the cornice, called poluvalmovaya. For varieties of hipped gambrel roof is characterized by the presence of not one, but two vertices connected by a ridge.

The design of the hipped roof can have different variations, namely:

  1. Classic hipped – has straight rafters, the eaves are the same height, and the angular edges depart directly from the ridge;
  2. Hip – toe-in all edges occurs at the center point. This option is best for home square shape;
  3. A broken hip has a complicated design and has a high cost but provides a more rational use of free space on the attic floor;
  4. Danish poluvalmovaya – has a vertical front, located below the end ramp. Used for gable window a triangular shape;
  5. Dutch poluvalmovaya – is characterized by a cropped, hips, length which is about 1.5-3 times shorter than the size of the various rays. The design provides for installation in the loft of a conventional vertical window type.

Among the main benefitsthat has a roof envelope is to provide such:

  • High resistance to strong gusts of wind
  • The enhanced rigidity and the absence of any kind was not deformations of the roof
  • The provision of large eaves overhangs on all sides of the building that protects it from precipitation
  • Low susceptibility to destruction of the eaves of sheds
  • A visual reduction in height of buildings with an attic.

Device a gambrel roof

Truss system hip roof, a scheme which for an untrained specialist has a certain complexity, includes the following elements:

  • Timber ridge has the highest elevation on the roof and acts as the main load-bearing axis, on which converge all the faces. Often the center of the skate is identical to the center of the whole roof;
  • Corner rafter– slope rafters constitute the main power components, connecting the corners of the building and the ridge bar. The thickness of the boards which are made of such rafters must be equal to the thickness of the timber ridge. On the one hand the corner of the rafters are fixed at the ridge, the second to go beyond the boundaries of the construction;
  • Short rafters (also called "narodnye")– can have different length, keeping the same angle of exit. Their number depends on the area that has a house with a gambrel roof. On the one hand the short rafters are attached to the mauerlat and corner of the building, with the other end of the corner rafters (diagonal rafters);
  • Ordinary frame – installing the intermediate rafters carried on the ends of the ridge beam with the subsequent conclusion to the bearing walls of the structure. On each side their is three pieces;
  • The intermediate frame on one side of the intermediate lock rafters on mauerlat, the second – on the horse. On hips their installation is not available.

The main stages of construction of a gambrel roof with their hands

Like any other structure, hipped roof needs to be pre-compiled project. Its presence allows not only to determine the optimal shape, but also eliminates the acquisition of redundant components and materials.

The first step is to measure the length and width of the building. After that, you need to determine the angle of the roof. It depends on the material that subsequently will be used to cover and atmospheric features of a particular region.

Next, you must determine the pitch of the rafters. Hipped roof rafter system, which is characterized by its rather complex design, involves the step of laying the rafters in the range of 0.6-1 m, and the specific value depends on the weight of the used coating.

The next stage is determining the size of the crates – this parameter also depends on the chosen variation of the outer cover. To define standard cross sections and pitch of rafters and sheathing will help the article "cross-Section truss system depending on roof types".

In closing, it is important to carry out calculations on the amount of the desired material, including roofing.

Calculate gambrel roof

To facilitate the procedure and also to finished the drawing of the truss system, you must use the calculator gambrel roof.

After receiving the final scheme comes the turn of calculation of the main parameters of the load, which largely depend on the size of the structure, the distance between its walls and whether within the capital walls or not.

Calculation of roofing loads more detail can be found in the article "Calculation of the rafter system".

After all the calculations comes the time of material procurement. First of all we are talking about high-quality and well dried wood. Need bar, section 10x15 cm (laying mauerlat), timber, section 50h150 mm (the ridge and rafters of a gambrel roof), Board, section 25х150 mm (sheathing).

As for mounts, we should take care of purchasing roofing nails, screws, steel parts and fasteners required configuration (including sliding mount), anchor bolts, and metal brackets.

Installation hipped roof

But how to make a gambrel roof properly? Professionals advise to conduct the work in such sequence:

1. Installation of mauerlat – top binding, stacked on the wall panel. Timber for mauerlat must be solid, free of defects;

2. Installation of racks, of the ridge and side beams. The optimum ratio of width/height should be 1:2. The selection of dimensions of rafter beams is carried out according to the same principle;

3. The installation of ordinary rafters. It is important to remember that the slope of the rafters need to find the timber larger cross-section than the rest;

4. Installation of the rafter. At this stage, set and cropped elements. When using precast structures joints should provide overlays 1.5 m length, with double-sided mounting them in several places.

Completed the installation of the hipped roof arrangement of Foundation (solid decking or purlins), the type of which depends on the chosen roof covering.

We offer you to watch an overview video about gambrel roof, where the author podobno, clearly and step by step explains about installation of complex roofs, one of which is a gable hipped roof:

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