Gable roof with his own hands, the unit truss system
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Gable roof with his own hands, the unit truss system

Popular and common type of cover home is a roof with two slopes. The reasons for the apparent preference are a relatively simple technology of construction, speed of installation and the possibility to prove to himself that the gable roof with their hands - attainable goal .


Gable roof -

The right materials, tools, desire and necessary knowledge to help cope with the construction of the structure. However, before starting work should be given the utmost attention to a perfect calculation of all necessary parameters - tilt angle, load level, size and number of individual elements.

Ignoring important safety requirements of buildings can lead to disastrous results, sometimes even to the collapse of the roof.

calculation of gable roof -

Our calculator gable roof will make a convenient calculation of the future design, and rafters calculator calculate the main parameters and dimensions of the rafters.

Design features

Before you begin construction the most important element of your home, is to learn how to make a gable roof and determine priority actions. For this you need to be aware of what constitutes standard construction of a gable roof.

Design gable roof -

Bearing elements it is mauerlat , designed to distribute the load on walls, and resting on it, the system - rafter feet, the ridge, purlins, strut, struts, girders, purlins. Each element performs a specific function and together they present the device a gable roof.

Truss system gable roof is of 2 types - naslonnye and hanging . The first option is selected in the presence of internal load-bearing walls (or pillars) and size of span 10 meters and more. Naslonnye rafters, the lower ends rest on the outer wall, and the average part - bearing capacity.

The second (hanging from rafters) applies if the distance between supports does not exceed six to nine meters. In this case, a support for the rafters are the side walls. To the resulting arching load did not cause harm to the walls, use roof fastening leg hit.

Compare naslonnye and hanging the rafters -

  Most often used a gable roof, where the rafters of rest in a rigid support, the side walls are the sides of an isosceles triangle. Additional console part - fillies exclude the ingress of precipitation to the walls of the structure.

The best material for the elements of the truss system gable roof is softwood. It is quite easy to work with and affordable. Unlike metal construction, wood is lighter and allows you to build a gable roof with his hands.

The size of the beam depends on several parameters - the length of the rafter, the angle of the installation, loads the weather and a proper roof, the material chosen for the roof. The most common use of timber with a width of 10-15 cm and a thickness of 5 cm when the length of the rafter not more than 6 meters. The distance between the rafters in this case is usually an average of 1 meter.

If, instead of timber you prefer the boards, their settings should be 50 x 150 mm or 60 x 200 mm, and the distance between the rafters is reduced to 0.6-1.0 m.

Mauerlat must seamlessly serve as a Foundation, so for him to choose a timber with a cross section of 10 x 10 cm 20 x 20 cm At the design stage it is very important to calculate all the loads and with the light of the results obtained to plan the placement of rafters and other elements of the system.

Learn how to make the load calculation for system of rafters in our article.

Key benefits

House with a gable roof is a popular choice for erection of a structure on their own. This device is reliable and practical, has excellent performance, avoids the use of too complex elements, and to save on the simplicity of the design.

The ability to change the angle and height of the roof provides the ability to create various design solutions, taking into account climatic conditions and the General style of the building. The advantages of choosing the popular design include:

  • functionality - under the roof you can arrange a stylish and cozy loft, attic space;
  • speed of installation - for the erection of a simple frame does not need lifting equipment, with work you can handle yourself in a fairly short period of time;
  • usability and reliability - when properly selected angle of slopes the rainwater and snow cover do not stay on the roof. As a result, no leakage and durable service design;
  • affordable price - the use of inexpensive materials helps to save on truss system;
  • aesthetics and the ability to use non-standard solutions.

Types of gable roofs

Two inclined planes and Gables on the sides - the simple system of arrangement of the roof. However, many try to diversify it and to give the dwelling a touch of personality. If you feel the strength a little complicate the task and create extra comfort, you can choose one of the varieties of stylish coverings in the building:

  • standard gable roof with attic or without, the easiest option;
  • gable roof with different slopes is an interesting design for dopolnitelnyh utility extensions or garage, often involves additional living space in the spacious attic or large attic;
  • asymmetrical - it has a displaced center, the attic will be not very spacious, but the visual appeal of the structure increases significantly;
  • broken - the location of ramps at different levels. A great option, however, to translate it into reality by yourself is quite difficult.

The angle of slope of a gable roof

One of the most important conditions for the proper functioning of the gable roof is the choice of tilt angle . This figure is in the range of 20° to 45° and sometimes goes beyond that. On average, roofs with two slopes projecting at an angle of 35-40 degrees.

The calculation should take into account many factors: the climatic conditions, the material of the roof, the General design of the building. Too little slope does not ensure the convergence of snow and water runoff, excessive increases the pressure of the wind. However, in the second case, the problem is solved - you just need to take measures to strengthen the sheathing and rafters. But if the house is in a zone of constant strong winds, it is better to make the slope more gentle.

If winters in your region is long and generous with precipitation, to fight with snow cover should increase in angle to 45°. However, it is necessary to take into account the kind of material you have chosen for future roof - corrugated sheet, slate, metal or membrane roof.

The choice of the angle of the gable roof type of roof -
The angle of the roof types of roof -

We offer you a convenient service - to calculate materials for a gable roof with the help of our calculator online.

Practical activity starts with the installation of mauerlat and the subsequent installation of the rafters . To detail all stages of the installation and mounting of its elements should be in a separate article.

At first glance, the installation of rafters a gable roof is not difficult. But we should remember about the basic components of a successful outcome - preliminary design, careful calculation and a clear understanding of how to build a gable roof.

Penetrating the basic nuances and using the tips of professionals, you will easily cope with the construction of the structure, and even an attractive option gable Dormer roof will not cause much difficulty.

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