The types of roofs
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Since the construction of houses, at the design stage, you need to think about what would be the roof of the building, and how in the future it will use. This can depend on many things, down to the location of the bearing walls.

Form of the roof also depends on the area, which is under construction, weather and climatic conditions, wind direction, rainfall, parts of the world, as well as on how you will use the formed space.

Learn how to determine the shape, roof pitch, weather conditions and various types of loads in the article the Correct calculation of the roof system.

Oh, and don't forget, the roof is not only protection, but also to a greater degree the exterior of the house. It is therefore important when designing the roof of a private home to external combine aesthetics with strength and durability.

What are the options we offer technology installation of roofs at the present stage? In fact, pre-Christian versions of the device of roofs of buildings virtually unchanged. At present there are only six basic options:

The main types of roofs of houses -

  1. The flat roof. Suitable for areas with a small seasonal range of temperatures. Simply put, for locations with a mild climate and warm winters. Advantages: ease of construction and maintenance. Disadvantages: requires careful drainage of rain water and strong waterproofing.
  2. Shed roof. Mainly used for temporary structures or outbuildings. Simple in construction, but does not withstand heavy snow loads.
  3. Gable roof or Gables. She is referred to as the gable. This view of the device of roofs are most popular in the construction of individual houses. Depending on the need of doing straight or sloping ramps. The European version is a high roof with steep slopes at a steep angle.
  4. The hipped roof. This option is used in areas with frequent and strong winds. As it has slopes on all four sides. A variation of this type of roof is poluvalmovaya roof. The device more difficult, but it is sturdy and copes with its responsibilities.
  5. The mansard roof. A very popular design. This design generates a great opportunity to use the space under the roof for the organization of premises. The main difficulty in the calculation of the rafter system, and in a good insulation of the roof.
  6. Hip roof. One of the most difficult to manufacture, but is considered to be economical. The number of rays depends on the number of sides of the house. Such a structure can reliably divert melt and rain water.

 Hipped roof

There is still mnogoschiptsovaya roof - composite roof, combines several of the above types, for example, hip and gable.

Mnogoschiptsovaya roof -


The construction of the roof is a very complicated and time-consuming process. Probably the most complex of all and most expensive. As in this case, the roof is a fusion of many of the above described options. Used when coating roofs with a complex plan form.

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