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Instructions for using the calculator

Save calculation construction calculator bookmark personal account "Save to bookmarks" - only available after authorization on the website, allows you to create quick links to the calculation results and store them in the personal account. After logging in and navigating to the personal account in the tab "Bookmarks", the user is provided a list of all previously done calculations that he "Saved bookmarks"that allows you to get all the necessary data for calculation and to quickly correct the input data if the calculation requires an adjustment;

To save the calculation and construction of the calculator to a file and send email "Send e-mail"generates two files: a PDF file containing all the calculation results and a ZIP file with drawings and 3D model, and sends these files to the mail you specified when registering on the website.


The "help"tabis activated by pressing the button The Help button

Displays reference material related to calculator: description, tables, images.


Tab Widget, activated by clicking Button Widget

Contains promotional material for installation of the widget calculator to your site.

Button Widget is only available on the calculator page on the website https://kalk.pro