A small ladder with their hands
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A small ladder with their hands

Our house this year was 5 years. The buyers of the timber ready in the Nizhny Novgorod region. For all time of operation there were no problems, except for one - a blatant creaky stairs!

In the second year came the first sounds that will only get stronger and stronger (never buy a ladder made of pine). Last year I promised my wife that this vacation will devote this issue, and so it was.

Construction experience is zero, can something housework to do, but in the capital things are usually your nose is not sticking, but not this time. Looking at the prices of the finished projects, I was mildly shocked, so I decided to try to do it myself, good time was heaps.

I read a lot of articles on this subject, learned the technology and materials. Again, I repeat, the pine cannot be used because it is soft and squeaky. The choice fell on ash.

It is time to make calculations and prepare a drawing. First thought to calculate it all manually, but then I realized that it was too difficult and time consuming, so went to the Internet. To my surprise, the network has been too many services, each of which shows different results, though similar.

Started to read reviews and the leaders had escaped two zhitov, Kalk.about. Grabbed both calculation and for good measure, went on forumkhaus help who is better. Opinions were divided, but most prefer the second, showing real-world projects, so I bought it.

According to the calculation, ordered the lumber at a nearby factory and began to portray himself as a carpenter.

I was not afraid that something will go wrong, suddenly do not have enough materials or will any disappointment, but no.

In two weeks all the components were cut/machined exactly what I pointed service.

It was Assembly time and all was perfect.

After the stairs were put at the reception of his wife and inaugurated with a ribbon cutting. I felt its importance and that seemingly complex problems can be solved quite easily!

Special thanks to the creators of the project ABOUT KALK for the fact that they do not deceive its visitors. The program considers and draws very accurately. It's amazing!

Thanks again!

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