Turning staircase from ash
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Turning staircase from ash

Good day!

Last year finished building his bachelor den, but due to lack of funds (fired bastards) was forced to suspend the decoration of the second floor, well, actually, a normal staircase, too, was not needed.

At some point there was money but no free time to do it yourself, especially to manufacture components. I wandered around the Internet and found a company. Gave them all the necessary numbers, they named the approximate value and then I stunned!

The cost of the stairs from 160 thousand in the ash, and 80 for pine is more or less normal. But the cost of installation - 20-30 thousand for a couple of days of work and 5 thousand for the calculation. "Whoa, easy!" Naturally, I refused, as recently was going to do everything himself.

Have agreed with the authorities and took microamps for a few days at their own expense. Started preparatory works and search of the manufacturer. First and foremost, I needed a drawing, well, actually all calculations are based on. Carefully studying all construction calculators, prefer KALK.PRO, and to this day I do not regret. For a hundred rubles, I got everything I needed. Let me remind you, I wanted to rip off 5000, 50 times more for the same information!

Results downloaded, given all the estimates to the manufacturer, received and collected for 2.5 days. Saved 25K on nothing. The Assembly does not require any special skills. Drill and screwdrivers. All. Thank you for your attention!

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