What ended the manufacture of stairs with winder steps?
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What ended the manufacture of stairs with winder steps?


This year's incredible efforts turned to finish the two-storey house. Almost introduced in ekspluatatsiyu, it remains only to mount the stairs to the second floor. Still at the planning stage it was decided to set the winder is rotated 180 degrees. So how to do it all yourself experience is clearly not enough, the decision was made to contact third-party services.

I think many are familiar with services from Zitova, Nail and Stronach. The guys a good try, their site is really a lot useful than I personally use, however, in the case of stairs they weren't assistants.

First I needed good graphics which could be used in autocad and only one site was able to let me have it - kalk.pro. If the calculations of building materials in approximately all match, then the availability of quality and ACCURATE models that can right away to load the program again, there is only here.

One night I took the training and awareness of all that I need and how I do that. The next day was purchased all the materials according to the calculator with a small allowance of 5% (just in case).

In two weeks I created something that was planned. All sizes and quantity of required materials - all coincided! All I took prozapas, is now in the closet of the future - is not in vain believed.

The result of their work was very pleased!

Thanks to the guys from the team kalk.pro - you are worthy of help people continue in the same spirit!

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