Calculation of metal stairs – Online calculators with drawings

Calculation of metal stairs – Online calculators with drawings

Free professional and convenient calculation of metal stairs online on a 3D calculator: calculation of spiral and straight stairs made of metal-drawings, estimates.

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Calculation of metal stairs - online calculator

Stairs made of metal are a worthy alternative to wooden – based structures, since they have such important qualities as durability, strength, unpretentiousness and noiselessness. Also, structures on a metal frame are quite easy to install and other things being equal, they are cheaper than similar ones made of other materials.

Online calculators for calculating metal stairs from KALK.ABM provides the opportunity to get a ready-made design project, which contains the final estimate with the amount of materials for production, drawings with the exact dimensions of each element of the structure, as well as a 3D model for visual assessment and identification of shortcomings. All calculations are saved in your personal account and are available for download. You can also export the results to email and social networks.

The program does not take into account compliance with the SNiP, GOST, TU and does not protect against the risks of building an unstable structure – the calculator only performs mathematical operations based on the values entered by the user. However, the constructor does not allow you to perform calculations when entering obviously incorrect values and provides some recommendations (tilt angle, step height, tread width...) for creating the most comfortable stairs.

We strive to ensure that private construction is now available to everyone and provide effective tools to automate the calculations. Every day our service is used by thousands of users around the world and create unique designs with their own hands, you can view them on the page "Reviews".


How to calculate a metal ladder?

In order to calculate a metal ladder with your own hands correctly and in the future not to worry about your own safety during operation, you must familiarize yourself with the main regulations that are defined for this design. In addition, it is extremely important to make correct measurements of the existing opening, since any, even minor errors, can lead to significant additional costs in the future, due to the completion of many details.

Before using our constructors, we recommend that you watch the video below, in which a professional specialist demonstrates the interface, the main features of the tool, and provides useful recommendations.

We are sure that you will also be interested in the articles – installation of stairs and the optimal angle of inclination of the stairs. They provide almost all the necessary information that can be useful when filling in the fields of the metal stairs calculator.


Why are our calculators better?


Cooperation with manufacturers
Close cooperation with manufacturers of ladders
Detailed graphics
Highly detailed drawings and 3D models
Detailed report
Final report with a list of required materials
Cost estimate for manufacturing
Ready-made estimate for construction by the contractor
Technical support
Operational technical support service
Positive feedback
Positive reviews and a large number of completed projects



KALK service.PRO provides the most flexible tools for creating almost any configuration of the future design. Calculators will be equally useful for craftsmen who are professionally engaged in the manufacture and Assembly of metal stairs, as well as for novice craftsmen who make such structures for the first time.

When developing the algorithm for calculating stairs made of metal, the data of SNiP 21-01-97 (SP 112.13330.2011) "fire safety of buildings and structures", SNiP 31-02-2001 (SP 55.13330.2010) "single-family residential houses", SNiP 2.08.01-89 "Residential buildings", SNiP 2.08.02-89 (SP 118.13330.2011) "Public buildings and structures", SNiP 2.01.07-85 (SP 20.13330.2010) "Loads and impacts", GOST 23120-78 "marching stairs, platforms and steel fences", GOST 25772-83 "steel fences for stairs, balconies And roofs", etc.

At the moment we offer the calculation of the following types of stair structures made of metal:

  • stairs are straight;
  • spiral stairs;

Soon the site will appear:

  • stairs with a platform;
  • stairs with winder steps;
  • two-step stairs;
  • three-step stairs;

Try also to calculate the frame from other materials – go to the corresponding page of the calculator for wooden or concrete stairs.



To use the online calculator for calculating metal stairs with drawings, you do not need professional skills-you only need to enter the opening parameters as accurately as possible, and everything else is in accordance with building regulations and personal preferences. Also, the calculator for each design has a detailed step-by-step help with illustrations (you can read them on the corresponding pages). We recommend that you carefully double-check all the filled-in fields in the interface, since any accidental error can significantly affect the safety of the structure.



  • Units of measurement. Mm, cm, m, inches, feet (automatic conversion).
  • Drawing color. Color or monochrome drawing of drawings.
  • The option of the stairs. Right-way, left-way.
  • The size of the stairs. Length, width of the March, height of the opening.
  • Steps. Quantity, thickness, protrusion.
  • Risers. Install, do not install + thickness.
  • The open strings. Height and width of the profile pipe.
  • Jumper between the stringers. Height, width, + an additional number.
  • Fencing. Thickness, width, height of handrails, cross-section of balusters.
  • Floor slab. Protrusion above the opening, thickness.
  • The wall. Thickness.

Result of calculation

  • Load - bearing structure. Length, number of elements.
  • Jumpers. Length (one, total), quantity.
  • Steps. Quantity, length, width, height, volume.
  • Risers. Quantity, length, width, volume.
  • Railing. Length, volume.
  • Balusters. Quantity, volume.


  • The angle of inclination. Recommendations for the optimal angle of the staircase.
  • The step height. Recommendations on the optimum height of the steps.
  • Width of the stairs. Recommendations on the optimum width of the stairs.
  • The width of the tread. Recommendations for the optimal width (depth) of the tread.
  • Width of the carrier element. Recommendations for the optimal thickness of the bowstring.


Drawings of stairs made of metal

Drawings are the basis of any construction project and indicate the design features of all elements and connections – without them, it is impossible to correctly build any complex structure. Our service allows you to save a significant amount of time and draws all drawings of metal stairs automatically, based on the values entered in the calculator fields. All images are drawn in a certain dimension with the scale grid specified.

Drawing of a ladder made of metal straight on a broken kosour
Drawing of stairs made of metal straight on a diagonal zigzag
The drawing of the stringer of metal
Drawing of a profile pipe skewer



Interactive 3D modeling allows you to evaluate the appearance of the proposed structure, features, advantages and disadvantages in a real opening. On our website, you can create a 3D model of a metal staircase according to its size and download the resulting project in OBJ format. Design is also performed automatically based on the filled values in the program interface.

If you have any questions when using the online calculator for calculating metal stairs, please contact us using the comments form at the bottom of the page. You can also leave feedback, suggestions, and share your experience.

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