Stairs calculators - Wooden staircases in 3D, layout, all dimensions

Stairs calculators - Wooden staircases in 3D, layout, all dimensions

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Even the great staircase will not be able to guarantee the safety and comfort if the design mistakes were made. Functionality, reliability and beauty are the main components of this important element of interior design, so ergonomics design special requirements.

Error free calculation of wooden stairs will make our unique program calculators online stairs, who promptly processes the entered data and will provide the best option for any stair project and 3D model.

Kinds of designs of staircases

The program for the calculation of ladders takes into account the material from which it is planned to build design, and its appearance. Among the variety of choice is most often a preference for wooden stairs of the following types:

  • March - practical and ergonomic, can be one - and dvuhmatchevyh;
  • screw - refined and elegant, perfectly fit into the interior, often used in the restricted area premises;
  • combination ladders made of wood - a creative combination of helical and straight elements, a striking result of design excellence.

The stairs are classified according to the type of structural member:

Wooden stairs with closed strings and open strings - the difference
Stairs to the Bolza scheme

  • on stringers or sometimes even on the same stringer;
  • on the string (may be a combination with another form, for example with one hand on the rails, the other on the string);
  • on the Bolza;
  • some other less common.

The more complex the design, the more difficult to calculate the stairs on their own. But with any great difficulties our program for the design of stairs - quickly, confidently and accurately. Having defined the design type, it is useful to familiarize yourself with the basic rules of design and construction set out in our articles below the wooden stairs to the house was consistent with generally accepted standards and was safe.

The algorithms used in our calculators wooden stairs, won't permit the calculations an error: in case of discrepancy between building codes of the entered data, the program displays the errors and offer to correct critical parameters.

The main parameters of the stairs

Compliance with SNIP and GOST first need to stair home was comfortable and did not serve the cause of the injury. A list of the main rules is quite extensive, among the most important we should mention the following:

  • the number of steps should vary in the range from 3 to 16 and a to be odd.
  • recommended height of steps - from 12 to 20 cm, a width of 23-25 cm;
  • desirable slope of stairs 30°-35°, it is possible to increase this figure to 45°;
  • the height of handrails must not be < 90 cm in the presence of children it is better to increase it to 150 cm.

Compliance with these and other recommended settings are extremely important - they determine the comfort of movement and safety, minimization of footprint and compliance with fire safety requirements, the capacity of the stair design.

Any proposed use calculator stairs constructed on the basis of construction standards and practices.

How to calculate the perfect staircase

Taking into account the above, the majority of building your dream home the question arises on how to calculate stairs, taking account of norms and their own preferences, and is it possible to do it yourself. The answer is obvious - why waste precious time and risk their safety if a much better and faster will be able to make a calculation of ladder program.

Rapid and easy calculation of the stairs online offers all the necessary parameters for constructions of straight and swivel, and screw on the open strings, rotates 90 and 180 degrees, on strings and winder treads and U - shaped stairs.

After treatment parameters are entered you get an accurate drawing of the ladder - data on the number of necessary construction materials. But the most important and attractive - can use 3d models to enjoy the sight of the staircase and experiment with the most important element of the interior. The program for the simulation of ladders interactive, flexible for interaction.

The design of the staircase with the help of convenient programs be accurate and detailed!

Share news with friends through your social networks pnce you use a program and verify its reliability and convenience. Our plans include a regular increase in the number posted on the website of calculators and offer a more complex calculation, so add a useful page to bookmarkto always stay aware of improvements and new types of calculators.

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