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  • Why do you need our calculators?

Why do you need our calculators?

  • Save time and money during the construction of the model structures.
  • Generate a set of accompanying drawings and three-dimensional model of the structure.
  • Allow pre-calculate the best option for the size of the structure without zatrachivaniya a lot of time for the conversion options in the manual.
  • Allow you to store the calculation results in the user's personal account making them accessible from any device and place.
  • Construction calculators can be installed on Your website in a widget, if You build professionally and want to increase the effectiveness of Your website.
  • Helps to earn. Widget construction calculators has functionality to attract new customers.

Currently on the website kalk.pro presented the following online calculators:

The accuracy of calculations of construction calculators kalk.pro developers and hundreds of visitors in practice. Build with our calculators You!